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10 Climate Change Terminologies you must know in 2021

As the companies and governments all around the world are bracing for climate change consequences and building climate action plans, these terms are quintessential in understanding the idea behind futuristic technologies, latest business strategies, upcoming economic models and government actions. Net Zero, Global North, Green Economy, ESG, Clean Energy… chances are, that you are hearing these terms a LOT in news lately, but you are not really sure what they mean.

Fast Fashion is destroying the Planet | 5 ways to embrace Sustainable Fashion

How to shop less and make the most out of what you already have! Do you remember the times when people didn’t have tons of clothes barely finding space in their closets? The times when it was normal for clothes to be passed down from the elder sibling/cousin to the younger one? The times whenContinue reading “Fast Fashion is destroying the Planet | 5 ways to embrace Sustainable Fashion”

4 ways to have a healthy and sustainable relationship with Food!

You are what you eat, when you eat, and what you digest. Your lifestyle influences everything happening in your body. after watching one youtube video, and another, that claimed miraculous results with external solutions, and then thousands more- I finally stumbled upon the ones that changed my whole health game. It taught me the most fundamental principles that I had been neglecting this whole time.

Can seawater filtering end the water crisis?

‘Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink’, said Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Today, one out of three people don’t have access to safe drinking water. Some projections will show by 2050, more than half our population will be living in water-stressed areas. That’s over four billion people.  This question had baffled me since time immemorialContinue reading “Can seawater filtering end the water crisis?”

6 Reasons Why Being Rich Can Not Save You From Climate Change

Did I just hear- “I have money to take care of things, so I don’t think too much about climate change and stuff”? Hah! Let me help you burst this bubble. Being “rich”/ “middle-class”/ “upper-middle-class”/ “upper class”/ “elite” or anything can not save you from (all) the consequences of climate change. Sure the impact onContinue reading “6 Reasons Why Being Rich Can Not Save You From Climate Change”


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