Firecrackers and your health!

It’s 2020, we are breathing toxic air, in the middle of a pandemic and yet I don’t know why we are still talking about firecrackers. That thing needs to go away permanently, for good! Though many states have already banned firecrackers for Diwali, we need a complete ban on it for all kinds of celebrations.Continue reading “Firecrackers and your health!”

6 Reasons Why We All Should Care About Our Oceans

Even if you don’t care about marine life being disrupted due to ocean pollution and climate change heating up the oceans, there are far bigger ways why you should care about the oceans. Even if you don’t live on an island or on the coasts, there are some extremely important reasons why we must thinkContinue reading “6 Reasons Why We All Should Care About Our Oceans”

Let’s create the hype!

Nearly half of the population in India lives in places that are likely to become moderate or severe climate hot spots by 2050, according to a World Bank Study launched very recently. And one Yale University research on climate change communications pointed out that 65% of the Indian population is not aware of climate change.*Continue reading “Let’s create the hype!”