Instagram accounts to follow to keep yourself up-to-date with Environment news

Keeping yourself abreast of the latest news on the environment, not only helps you know what is going on around the world, but it bolsters your beliefs in the problem and the fact that there is no dearth of solutions; it just needs to be implemented vigorously. You get to know about so many famous, million-dollar companies, startups, NGOs investing in, and prioritizing sustainability. It also encourages you to do your part as well, when we see so many other people making dire efforts for our future.

We are scrolling through our social media accounts all day. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn. So the easiest way (something which I rely on too), to keep yourself updated with the latest news on Environment, Climate Change, Pollution, Animal Protection, Conservation Laws is to bring all of this to your feed. So that even when you are just passing time spending hours on your phone, you are up-to-date with all the new happenings around the world. And the most important thing- always share an interesting piece of information that you come across, with your network

I spend my time mostly on Instagram or LinkedIn. I have followed numerous accounts on both these platforms and they have been so helpful.

In no particular order, here is the list-

Share this with your friends and family too and enhance their Instagram feed with more valuable information.


  1. worldeconomicforum, unitednations, nasaclimatechange– Some top official agencies to follow for the news around the world
  2. oceana , sealegacy – For news on the impact on oceans and marine life, their conservation and their posts are beautiful too
  3. cnnclimate– For news on climate, the looming threats, latest policies and laws being implemented across the world and innovative solutions to tackle these problems
  4. zeroxplastic– For facts and news on plastic pollution
  5. ecocentrik– For sustainable living ideas and technology that solves environmental problems
  6. greenpeace– An Internation NGO working towards conservation
  7. 350org– This organization is creating a movement to fight climate change
  8. ubuntoo– The most amazing page for latest tech and innovations
  9. theoceancleanup– This startup has found a unique tech solution to collect ocean garbage
  10. earthalliance– An organization chaired by Leonardo Di Caprio doing incredible things
  11. zerwasteemy, wastefreeplanet– For zero waste ideas
  12. sustainabilitymatterstoday– For news on innovations in sustainability
  13. ecoasia– A search engine that helps plants trees from their profits
  14. earthlinged– This page spreads awareness about the cruel reality of Animal and Dairy Industry
  15. doitfordavid_ – Campaign against the plastic menace
  16. letmebreathe_in – An Indian creator bringing news on climate change and pollution
  17. climemechange – A fun page full (funny, dark, real) of memes on climate change

    Some People to follow who are doing a great job –
  18. lionardodicaprio– He is funding and leading a huge organization aiming at conserving our planet
  19. gretathunberg– The famous child climate change activist
  20. paulnicklen– He is a NatGeo photographer, also leading an organization to conservation of the oceans and marine life.
  21. lucalocatelliphoto– Another NatGeo photographer who’s pictures speak a thousand words
  22. diamirza– In association with UN, she participates in various conservation initiates as well

Some more incredible accounts to follow- infobeautiful, Ecowizard, hideourbad, ecocentric, amazonfrontlines, plantflo, chintan.india, natgeotravellerindia, bbc

Adding a few of my favorites from LinkedIn as well

World Economic Forum– This organization is a MUST follow for all kinds of informative news and innovations from around the globe
Mike Barry– He writes amazing articles and posts around climate change, sustainability, and economy
David Katz– Founder of an organization called ‘Plastic Bank’ which is helping prevent plastic from reaching our oceans. The ask people to bring in plastic and in exchange take essential items or a form of digital currency with which they can buy goods and services.
The Better India– They bring amazing news in innovations and solutions from all across India
Kate Brandt – Sustainability Officer at Google
Manik Thapar – For news around plastic, waste management and impact of our garbage on the environment

If you are more on TWITTER, you can find these organizations and people on twitter as well!

These are the ones that I am following currently, and I will keep updating this list with my latest finds. Comment down and share if you know about more such accounts to follow!

3 thoughts on “Instagram accounts to follow to keep yourself up-to-date with Environment news

  1. Excellent blog and worth reading each and every line. Interesting thing is data base of Eco based sites. Would appreciate if same is created for Environment and Waste regulations from all countries and update the same here.


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