Selfish (and beautiful) reasons why you should care about the environment!

As I talked in my previous blogs, one of the strongest reasons we do not believe in something is if we have never seen or experienced it. And how are we supposed to take action about something that we just don’t believe in?

For some, science is boring, the facts look untrue, scientists are always saying something or the other, people and animals have always been dying. And hence, nothing rings a bell and they have no reason to even think about these issues.

Some people argue that our technology and scientific advancements will save us from everything, save us humans from perishing and save this planet from becoming inhospitable. This planet and the humans will just EVOLVE with these changes.
But will that gradual new world have –snow mountains, clean beaches, forest get-aways, and all beautiful animals that we see? Will we be able to sunbathe, jog, walk, trek, swim, play in open?
If all of this doesn’t seem worth saving then I guess we will just have to start liking to live on a planet just full of humans, concrete buildings, artificial spaces mimicking the natural ones, machines, technology and that’s it!

So, let me try to put down some relatable, convincing, and beautiful reasons why we should be a little more considerate towards the environment and take the first step.

For the love of beaches!

Plastic garbage washed ashore on Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai
Picture by Brett Cole

The picture says it all! This is what has started to happen at all the beaches. We don’t want to stop planning our Goa, Kerala, Thailand trips just because those beaches aren’t beautiful anymore! Because there is just trash coming out of the water and it’s no fun swimming and surfing amidst heaps of plastics. Let’s not take our beautiful oceans for granted and take action today. Unless you are OK with vacationing at human-made indoor beaches in the future.

Photo by Sean O. on Unsplash

For the dream of scuba-diving in the Reef

Corals dying due to rising temperatures in Australia.
Photo by DW

These are dying corals. From seeing it in my GK textbook, to watching it in HD on National Geographic Channel, the corals never failed to amaze me. I mean who can not fall in love with these super colorful and mesmerizing creatures! My mom is scared of water and yet she told me one day while watching an Australia Tour show on TV-

“You have to take me here some day. Although I am scared of water, I still want to see these corals and fishes. You have to figure out how to take me underwater safely” ( and I don’t know how would that happen 😛 )

And it is possible that we may not be able to witness these creatures again in real. This is a part of a bigger problem- global warming. So, please take action now! I really want to take my mom there!

A photograph of how they really are and how we want them to be!
Photo by Q.U.I on Unsplash

For the bucket list which says- visit the Antarctica and see penguins!

Melting ice caps in Antarctica posing existential threat for all the native species.
Picture by Yale

Damn I want to go to this icy land, live in igloos and see penguins! I want to live my childhood dream of seeing the Pingu sliding on their stomach in ice and do the same 😛

The ice sheets are melting. Let’s do all that we can to not destroy their habitat! I really don’t want these majestic creatures to go away.

Do you know some penguin species are monogamous? They spend their whole life with one partner and raise off-springs.
A picture from oceanwide expeditions

Why just Pingu? I want to see all the beautiful creatures in the world

Large scale deforestation for agriculture and animal farming is destroying the habitats of animals forever.
An image from @lffanimalrights twitter

It is heart-wrenching to see millions of animals losing their natural habitat. I don’t want them to get extinct not I want to see them in the zoos where I read on the description boards “This lion/elephant/giraffe/rhino/bear/orangutan is one of the last few hundreds left in the world”

I want to see them living and thriving in jungles where they are not threatened by humans. Do you really want these beautiful beings to die?-

Oh look at these beauties!
Individual pictures from upsplash, ,, britannica,, worldeconomicforum, pinterest,

Apart from travelling around the world, there is so much I don’t want to lose closer home!

I want to enjoy every season!

I want to enjoy the summers eating Popsicles, see the rains coming at their due time making everyone happy, and then snuggle in the cold winters.

What I don’t want is to be living in a giant hot oven where I can’t step out of air conditioners even in the evenings and caged inside helplessly. Do you know- more than 1.2 billion people in India would live in places as hot as the Sahara within a few decades if the greenhouse gas emissions keep rising.

Happy summers mean enjoying coconut water ❤
Picture by Telangana Today

I don’t want the rains to be a cause of misery for farmers whose crops get destroyed or see people dying in floods every year because of too much rainfall. Or even worse, not see rains at all.

In 2019, parts of Maharashtra were under heavy floods while the other part struggled with drought leaving farmers in despair.
Picture by new Indian Express

Neither do I want to see winters full of extremities- smoggy and utterly chilly at one place, and warming up the ice covered mountains on the other side of the globe.

Do you know the places world famous for skiing are turning into patches of land with no snow with the rising temperatures? And this is just the beginning. We may stop receiving adequate snowfall in regions that were known for it.
A picture of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, in Olympic Valley, Calif., in 2015


We love long drives on the weekends, outside the city, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. We want to breathe some fresh air, see greenery, sit in the peaceful lap of nature. I find that to be the best therapy!

Weekend getaways from Mumbai
Picture by Truebill

But there won’t be any serenity left if we continue to graze off the trees and open lands and construction everywhere.

There’s no fun driving on barren roads.
Picture by Flickr

The most important- freedom to go wherever I want

I wouldn’t want to live in a world where I am constantly reminiscing about how good my childhood was, when everything was peaceful and beautiful, with no complications and no restrictions.

Those were the days :’) Would our children be playing out like this?
Picture by Indian Express

All of this would not make sense if we stay indoors. So we have no choice but to make this world healthy and safe for us, for these animals, birds, fishes and everyone to able to move freely in our territories.

Let’s not create an imbalance again and let everyone embrace the beauty of nature.

Comment and share with everyone what more reasons can you think of, to save the beauty of our nature.

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